Monday, May 10, 2010

Wonderful Week

Our first week here at Ft Yargo went by so fast. We have enjoyed the beautiful spring days. The mornings are very cool, afternoons warm, and the evenings perfect for a fire.

While I am going through my day I keep thinking of things to blog about but when I get in front of the computer I freeze.

Honeysuckle is one of my top favorite flowers. The sweet smell in the mornings and afternoons remind me of my youth in North Carolina. We used to get the little honey from each one. I still do it!

Mother's Day was nice - we went to Travis' and Lauren's house for a nice breakfast and visit. The afternoon was busy with cleaning sites - Warren let me off work for the day so I got to mosaic big pots all day - making them for Travis & Lauren

There are many things on my list and I hope that I can make a dent in it this week

Friday, April 30, 2010

Where did the time go?

Wow where did the time go. This whole month is gone and we are leaving Florida. We have had such a great time, kept busy every day, perfect weather, park staff that really is proud and passionate of their park, we helped with an event concert while not believing what a great concert location at the park, and have enjoyed working with the other volunteers. Bye Highlands Hammock State Park and all the great wildlife that kept us searching them out daily. They even have ladders in the dumpsters to help get the racoons out in the mornings. Creepy little fellows. We became quite fond of our little alligators in the canal and those old buzzards.

My favorite new thing is using the big ole log chopping thing - it is way cool and a big boy tool! I could have cut wood for days on end - there is just something cool about it

Warren was the master at wood pimping. He was like the ice cream man driving in the neighborhood. Oh speaking of ice cream - Warren made the best - very best - Butter Pecan ice cream while we were there. Yummo. Loved driving the golf carts they were each different and so easy to get around in them - oh ya...note to self....don't try driving in the sand on the trails with them. We got to experience the process of prescription burning in the park and how fast the land turns green again. Cleaning bathrooms .... well it is just that .... for the most part people are respectful and leave them nice .... but when they don't ...... yuck. Warren also has mastered the mop too!

Wonderful photo opportunities every time I took a stroll. Little Bailey loved chasing and watching the squirrels. Bailey and Tess found a turtle and had a good time barking at it and licking it - but when it moved they sure did jump. The entire park is covered with beauty and I could never begin to load all the photos I took and think are heavenly. I will try to get them onto flickr as soon as possible.

Restaurants in the Sebring area that we really enjoyed - Woody's BBQ, Cuban Deli in Historic Sebring, Yiannis Prime Choice Steakhouse, and always a blizzard from DQ. Our biggest disappointment in restaurants was Olive Garden. Poor service and very poor food, we went twice to give them a fair shake! The biggest shout out is to Panera for having a perfect location for me to hang out and use the internet since ours was just not strong in the park.

I did get a little mosaic time while there. I wanted to make my new friend Joyce a pot and give her a plant and made a couple others too - planted them and sold them right away and I know Joyce's daughter and grand daughter will love them too.

Headed to Georgia back to our home base park at Ft Yargo State Park for the next 3 months. Hoping for a nice summer without scorching heat :>), spending time with our friends - Vivian & Verna the other camp host. I am sure not a day will go by without a little eventful fun along the way. Well maybe a lot of fun!

Oh ya and Chic-fil-a opened in Winder this week ...... happy dancing for that! Eat more chicken y'all

Monday, April 26, 2010

Early Detail

During our "Early Detail Duty" at Highlands Hammock State Park on Sunday we had an adventurous ride. We started off seeing a dead snake in the road - not my favorite thing to run into at 8am in the morning. I think it was a cotton mouth or something like that they said. Scooped him up and added him to the "bucket" -- shiver!! A little drive further we ran into an upside down turtle. Poor little guy looked like he had a rough night, so we flipped him over and hoped he would be ok. One of the best parts of the ride in the mornings is typically the "canal", it proved to be true again. First greeted by a deer off to the side that gave us many glamor shots. She sat there and looked at us as if she knew we were wanting a picture. We were happy for the moment. Looking further ahead it looked a log in the road and I had the crazy thought that if it were an alligator what would we alligator it was. But as we neared he slithered right into the canal - this is one time we were thankful he did not hang around for a photo session. Typically on this ride we have this old bridge that the old buzzards hang around on but not this time they were further ahead and we stopped on the bridge and on one side was a turtle in the water swimming off a limb and on the other side a little island area with about 8 baby gators in a pile. Cool we had not seen them there before. Up further were our old buzzards hanging around on the road and fence. All so far in about 15 minutes of this trail. Riding the rest of the route we spotted several larger gators, "big daddy", and several groupings of smaller ones. Our regular grouping of little ones were on their normal log too. While enjoying all the notables we were blessed with pretty birds and colorful flowers along the way. The most adventurous ride so far.
Thank goodness for the enjoyable part of "early detail" because the duties also include many garbage pick ups and ending the shift with bathroom duty. Cleaning the bathrooms in general just aren't a bad deal - but geez some people are just amazing and have no concept of

Friday, April 23, 2010


Travis - Mom - Pal
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Yesterday was a very proud moment for all of us. Travis has worked very hard thru many obsticles during the last few years and has grown and learned so much giving him many life experiences that will hopefully help him as he reaches out to those in need of his service daily.

I remember when Travis was just a little bitty guy he loved fire trucks and any emergency vehicle. He had a remote control ladder truck and had it in every scene he could imagine at his little age. He always had a "medical" kit so he could tend to those who needed his service in his play world.

When Travis was 6 we met Warren who was then "Big Pal" and Travis was "Little Pal" He immediately tagged along with Pal whenever he could to the fire headquarters and any fire department event. I just don't think I could ever imagine Travis not being involved in the fire/medic community.

Travis started the Grand Ledge MI fire department his senior year in high school while going to LCC and becoming a EMT that senior year. A wonderful group of mentors in that department. After graduation he took the big plunge into the big city and joined Gwinnett County and has worked his way up in a few short years.;

Much has changed too - Warren is now "little" and Travis is now all grown up and a "Bigger" Pal now. I enjoy hearing his stories about work and his new experiences.

Many thanks to everyone that has supported Travis so far during his career in the fire department.- much much thanks to Warren - I know Travis looks up to him and Lauren who stands by Travis' side daily, loves and cares for Travis like he deserves.

Travis may this new direction give you much fulfilment as you come in contact with so many lives in the future.

Many Cool Trails

Highlands Hammock State Park

A zoo.......

Sometimes it does feel like a zoo around the Mendel farm. Whether it be at our home in Dacula Georgia or on the road somewhere in our motorhome. It's all good though.
One thing we have talked and talked about is setting up a blog so our friends and family can enjoy our many travels and stories. Finally today is the day :>)
After much debate about going way back and where to start with our fun we figured "just do it" .
We look forward to posting our photos and links to great places we have been and the not so great too!!!! As always fun photos and stories of our pets - the zoo that travels with us!

Our journey today is along interstate 75 driving south. We are staying in Florida until the end of the month and had to take a quick break and return home for Travis' Paramedic Graduation, which was really a wonderful celebration.

Currently we are staying at Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring, FL. Gorgeous park. We are doing the work camping volunteering program and have really enjoy this unique historic park. I will work on the next couple post to update more information about our journey and thoughts at this park