Friday, April 23, 2010


Travis - Mom - Pal
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Yesterday was a very proud moment for all of us. Travis has worked very hard thru many obsticles during the last few years and has grown and learned so much giving him many life experiences that will hopefully help him as he reaches out to those in need of his service daily.

I remember when Travis was just a little bitty guy he loved fire trucks and any emergency vehicle. He had a remote control ladder truck and had it in every scene he could imagine at his little age. He always had a "medical" kit so he could tend to those who needed his service in his play world.

When Travis was 6 we met Warren who was then "Big Pal" and Travis was "Little Pal" He immediately tagged along with Pal whenever he could to the fire headquarters and any fire department event. I just don't think I could ever imagine Travis not being involved in the fire/medic community.

Travis started the Grand Ledge MI fire department his senior year in high school while going to LCC and becoming a EMT that senior year. A wonderful group of mentors in that department. After graduation he took the big plunge into the big city and joined Gwinnett County and has worked his way up in a few short years.;

Much has changed too - Warren is now "little" and Travis is now all grown up and a "Bigger" Pal now. I enjoy hearing his stories about work and his new experiences.

Many thanks to everyone that has supported Travis so far during his career in the fire department.- much much thanks to Warren - I know Travis looks up to him and Lauren who stands by Travis' side daily, loves and cares for Travis like he deserves.

Travis may this new direction give you much fulfilment as you come in contact with so many lives in the future.

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  1. what a great post Judy. written with such beaming love and pride. Congratulations to Travis, and to both you and Warren for supporting him along his way.