Friday, April 23, 2010

A zoo.......

Sometimes it does feel like a zoo around the Mendel farm. Whether it be at our home in Dacula Georgia or on the road somewhere in our motorhome. It's all good though.
One thing we have talked and talked about is setting up a blog so our friends and family can enjoy our many travels and stories. Finally today is the day :>)
After much debate about going way back and where to start with our fun we figured "just do it" .
We look forward to posting our photos and links to great places we have been and the not so great too!!!! As always fun photos and stories of our pets - the zoo that travels with us!

Our journey today is along interstate 75 driving south. We are staying in Florida until the end of the month and had to take a quick break and return home for Travis' Paramedic Graduation, which was really a wonderful celebration.

Currently we are staying at Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring, FL. Gorgeous park. We are doing the work camping volunteering program and have really enjoy this unique historic park. I will work on the next couple post to update more information about our journey and thoughts at this park

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